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Mohamed lives in KSA

Mohamed saw an ad about back pain support and he felt that he needs it

Mohamed went to the website and filled a form

Mohamed got contacted by customer service to confirm the order

Mohamed bought 2 products because the agent made him a special offer

Mohamed received the products right to his home and paid it in cash

Now with us : here is how it works for an E-commerce business owner

Mohamed lives in KSA => order from your store after seeing your ad


we confirm that order and sell to Mohamed more : up sell or bundle


we delivery the product to Mohamed in 24H


we fulfill the order and ship it


we collect the cash and send it to you


Our Services

Our Services

Product Sourcing and Quality check

all you do is picking up the product of your choice send us the image or link. we will contact the manufacture directly and get the best deal for you. it only takes 24H to quote you. After ordering your product we inspects all the quantities to make sure everything is good before we ship it and if something is damaged we make sure it’s replaced or refunded.

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Our Services

Customer Support

Our Team Make Sure To Get The Highest Confirmation And Delivery Rate For Your Business, We Push The Clients To The Limit. We Follow Up With Calls And Delivery For More Than A Week Until It's Confirmed And Delivered.

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Our Services

Freight Shipping (AIR & SEA )

Depending On The Option Of Your Choice We Pick The Best Service For You. We Pick Up The Product And Ship It For You.

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Our Services

Storage & Fulfillment

Depending On The Nature Of Your Goods We Stock Your Product Whether It's Cosmetic Goods Or Electronics Or Any Type Of Goods, Our Warehouses Are Specifically Adapted To All Types With The Adapted Temperature Degree And Space Needed.

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Our Services

COD Collection

We Have Ways To Collect Money From Your Customer : Cash Or Using A Mobile Banker So He Can Just Pay By Card Upon Delivery Then We Send The Money To Your Account In Less Than 15 Days.

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Our Services

Domestic and International shipping

We Cover Major Cities In Each GCC Country, We Also Work With Different Trusted Partners, With Our Simple Auto-Perform Dispatching Process We Get You The Highest Delivery Rate And The Best Experience, Majority Of Our Fulfilled Orders Get Delivered In Less Than 48H

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Weekly Hot Products

we sent a list of hot products each week to our active clients only.

Account Manager

dedicated account manager that will guide you thru your E-commerce journey and help you get all you need

Free Trainings

we offer our clients Free training access to learn more about the COD business model, Advertising strategy, business management and more…

Live Meetings

Our COD experts will meet you live 1 to 2 times a month to discuss all business related issues and help you grow your E-commerce project

Business Tools

We offer our clients all the tools they need to help them avoid mistakes and make the rights decisions at the right time

System Access

you will have access to our platform to check live data of your business and track all your orders and shipments LIVE

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