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Started in September 2019 as the first E-commerce service company in North Africa that help entrepreneurs get access to new markets around the globe just with a few clicks. We are your new way to launch your E-commerce business and scale it up without moving or traveling to your target market. Since we started we’ve helped many entrepreneurs access to new markets, mainly gulf countries without getting overwhelmed with investing in new teams, branches, logistics or operations. Our team of experts have helped companies scale their products by making all the E-commerce process much easier

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Working with one company everywhere can get your business down with a simple mistake!

Made for small and growing businesses

We offer a deep E-commerce and logistics operation expertise accross major and fast growing market, either you want import, stock, manage or deliver you products we will be there for you and we will help your business grow and overcome all challenges over scale.When it comes to the Cash on the delivery business model, high confirmation and follow up quality is definitely required and that’s what our sales team perform the must, with more than 4 years of expertise in GCC countries we can ensure you high metrics for your business Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin quis sagittis dolor. Duis posuere risus augue, sed tristique odio vestibulum ut. Pellentesque interdum pretium magna, ut vehicula leo molestie vel.

Over 50+ reviews that rated Loftyervice 4.9/5 stars

Yousef Khalidi
Yousef KhalidiSerial Entrepreneur
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"Loftycall Offers The Best Fit Services For E-Commerce Business Owners You Don’t Have To Worry About Your E-Commerce Process Anymore. They Will Take Care Of All Your Needs. I Recommend I!"
Soulaiman Stitou
Soulaiman StitouE-commerce Expert
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"Before partnering with Loftycall we had a lot of trouble managing our E-commerce business, they solved our biggest problems, increased our sales and maximizing our profit. highly recommended"
Anas Zouidy
Anas ZouidyE-commerce specialist
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"best conversion ever with your call service. all khalij zone's hamdoulah we increased the confirmation rate 300%. thank you loftycall Keep going you’re the best E-commerce call center."